Tractors of Yesteryear

Tractors of Yesteryear (T.O.Y.S) is an antique tractor club whose center is Central New York and whose membership exceeds 200. T.O.Y.S. membership expands north to Sandy Creek, east to Norwich, west to Geneva, and south into Pennsylvania. Some long-time members live in Florida and New England. The T.O.Y.S. museum collection includes antique tractors, threshing machines, corn shellers, corn binders, ensilage cutters, stalk cutters, beet cutters, plows and many other items used on farms 50 to 150 years ago. The collection also includes butter churns, ox yokes, flat irons, shoulder water carriers, scythes, and cradles used in old rural America. The T.O.Y.S. collection gives life to the agricultural history of Central New York and all of rural America.